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Home Decor
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Decorating your new home?
Thanks to your perseverance and to a Home Loan from ICICI Home Finance, you are now the proud owner of a new home. Browse through these home decor tips and get set to make your home look the best..
Some tips to get started.
Avoid decorating the entire home in one go. If you are newly married couple, it’s great to just throw together a few low seating ideas like floor cushions, a mattress or two with bolsters, and maybe a bean bag. Enjoy a few months of the minimal look, while you put together your ideas.
Go step by step. First, start with what you already have. Add only the essentials you need. This will help you space your expenses and also help you judge which décor ideas are working well.
Flip through few home décor magazines for ideas.
Do some window shopping before actually plunging into buying home accessories.
Tips to make your home look spacious
Natural sunlight is the best source of light which creates a sense of space. Arrange your furniture such that you take advantage of natural light.
Use monotones, with the walls in white and bright coloured accessories like sofa cushions and natural plants.
Mirrors further give a feeling of added space.
Proper lighting makes the house look attractive and bigger. If there is a wall in your home that looks plain and empty, put up some wooden photo frames and wall paintings. You can even paint a wall with one of your favorite colors.
Use light colours on walls and ceilings.
Tips to beautify your home even with a minimum budget
Select wall colours that won’t get outdated in a short time or wear off quickly.
Reuse your old furniture. Change the old sofa cover with fabric slipcovers or change the cushion covers. You can keep following this trend with the change in season and style.
Visit the antique furniture bazaar in your city. You can always look for a bargain book case or a showpiece that adds class without burning a hole in your pocket.
Create magic with the right colours
If you are using many colors in one single room, make sure you use a color at least three times in the same room.
Use more of reds, yellows and oranges to fill space.
Vertical stripes on walls and curtains creates an illusion of height.
Buy curtains which go exactly with the sofa colour.
Plants at the corners can create magic.
General tips
If you have a dining table, then add two tall slender lamps on either side. This will give it a soft creamy glow and a warm welcoming feel to your home.
Plants placed in earthern pots lit from beneath give the room a natural lively look.
Go for minimal furniture.
Avoid clutter. Find storage space for papers, toys, and other items that make your home look cluttered.
Lastly, make sure you put in a little bit of you into the design. It could be a nicely framed drawing done by your child or your spouse. Or an old memorabilia from your Grandpa’s home that evokes nostalgic memories. After all, everything does not have to come from a book or a showroom catalogue.