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Fixed Deposits
Fixed Deposit
If you are looking for a safe investment option with attractive returns, then our Fixed Deposit is the best for you. ICICI Home Finance's Fixed Deposit is a high-interest FD.
Experience the ICICI Home Finance's Fixed Deposit advantage
Highest credit ratings: AAA (FD) by CARE and MAAA by ICRA
Interest rates: Among the best in industry
Terms ranging: 1 – 5 years
Why ICICI Home Finance Fixed Deposit is a better option
Deposit tenure – Minimum 12 months
Deposit tenure – Maximum 60 months
Type of rate Fixed
Interest Compounded Annually
Minimum deposit amount
Annual/Cumulative Income Plan - Rs. 10,000
Quartely Income Plan - Rs. 20,000
Monthly Income Plan - Rs. 40,000
Interest payment frequency Monthly, quarterly, annual & cumulative
No. of depositors Minimum 1 & Maximum 3
Credit rating CARE – AAA (FD) & ICRA – MAAA
Nomination facility Allowed
Premature withdrawal* Allowed subject to terms and conditions
TDS on interest on deposit For Individuals, No tax deduction at source on interest paid/ credited upto Rs.5,000 in a Financial Year
Senior Citizen Additional ROI – 0.35%
Mode of interest payment
Fund Transfer (NEFT / RTGS)
Demand Draft
Direct credit to ICICI Bank account holders
Loan Against Deposit (LAD)
Up to 75% of principal deposit
Terms and conditions apply
Interest on LAD
Charged @ 2% over and above the rate at which deposit is placed
Applied at the same frequency (as applicable to deposit)
Repayment of LAD
Allowed (Repayment allowed twice in a year including interest payment)
LAD in case of Deposit by Minor
Not allowed (LAD is available for individuals & HUFs only)
*Premature Withdrawal
Premature withdrawal is not allowed for the first 3 months.
In the event of premature withdrawal, following terms are applicable.
Premature withdrawal timing
Penalty charges applicable
Withdrawal between 3 – 6 months
No interest shall be payable
Withdrawal between 6 – 12 months
3% lower than the minimum rate at which public deposits are accepted by ICICI HFC
After 12 months but before maturity
2% lower than the rate applicable for the completed tenure of deposits
"For further details please refer to the statutory advertisement published by ICICI Home Finance Company Limited on May 9, 2014 in the Free Press Journal and Navshakti - Mumbai"