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Theme Reports
The research team at ICICI Home Finance Company undertakes research on topics of strategic importance from time and comes up with reports that help our customers analyze the property market. Below is some of the work done by the team in the recent past.

The Hospitality Report:
This report offers a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality sector in India including the effects of the global economic slowdown, government initiatives, comparative studies vis-a-vis other developing economies and future trends. Please Click here to download.
Retail Property Guide:
A report that envelops the trajectory of retail happenings in India and prescribes a conocation of immediate measures that could act as a balm to soothe the present 'twinge' in the retail growth story. Please Click here to download.

Affordable Housing Report:
Affordable Housing' is a challenge for policy makers, town planners, housing finance practitioners and developers. While the need is recognised by all, the means to achieve the goal are yet not clear. This Report deals with the nuances associated with “affordability” presenting an insightful analysis of the factors/ issues that impact, quite distinct from what we may call “affordable" Please Click here to download.
Logistics and Warehousing Report:
A comprehensive overview of the Logistics & Warehousing industry in India, besides offering a global perspective and an analysis of India’s competitiveness in the sector. The report also elaborates on the various parameters impacting the industry. The various issues impacting the sector and its future outlook are analysed and a roadmap for growth in the years ahead is laid out. Please Click here to download.
SEZ Report :
Although there for decades, India woke up to the concept of SEZs only post Government of India enacted the SEZ Act 2005, leading to a sudden frenzy amongst the private sector players to apply for an SEZ. Then came the economic downturn and another mad race to get SEZ’s de-notified! Do SEZs provide a bountiful of benefits to justify the initial rush? Is it proven globally? Or is the SEZ phenomenon just a bubble? What ails this movement? Are there learning’s from the international markets? To know more please Click here

City Reports:
ICICI Home Finance undertakes property research across cities regularly. These city-wise research reports would help you with facts, findings, reviews, recommendations and conclusions on the real-estate market of the city. To download the report(s), please click the respective links below.