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Services and Charges
Services and Charges:
Charges LoC ( LAS)
Non-refundable processing fee / administrative fee Upto a maximum of 2% on approved limit plus applicable taxes and/or other statutory levies, if any
Part Prepayment Fees Nil
Prepayment Charges
Cheque / ECS dishonor Charges, per transaction ₹200 /- or such other amount as may be specified by IHFC from time to time plus applicable taxes and other statutory levies
Cheque / Repayment Mode swap charges Nil
Penalty for delayed payment Charges for late payment / Additional interest: 6% per annum plus applicable taxes if any
Stamp Duty Charges On actual
Renewal Charges -
Linked to daily average utilization starting ? 2500/- to 2% of approved limit, plus applicable taxes and/or other statutory levies, if any
Daily average utilization Minimum renewal fee
>=70% ₹2500 + applicable taxes
>= 50% to <70% 0.50% of approved limit + applicable taxes
>= 30% to <50% 1% of approved limit + applicable taxes
<30% 2% of approved limit + applicable taxes
Brokerage Charges in case of liquidating securities On actual
Disclaimer: The rates, fees, charges etc. as stated herein above are subject to changes/ revision from time to time at the sole discretion of ICICI Home Finance.

Note : Service Tax and other taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges.
In order to facilitate easier / faster and secured transactions, ICICI Home Finance Company Limited offers e- payment and e-receipt services to its customers.
The floating interest rate on ICICI Home Finance is linked to ICICI Home Finance Prime Lending rate (IHPLR).
The IHPLR has been increased by 20 basis points (i.e. 0.20%) with effect from December 26, 2018. Thus the IHPLR has been increased from 17.70% to 17.90%.
For further queries regarding the change in rate, please get in touch with our call center.

Range of Interest rate for LAS in the form of LoC to Individual

Loan Type Minimum Maximum Mean
LAS 9.45% 10.50% 9.62%
The rate of interest rate provided above is with respect to loan contracted in Q1 FY2019

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